Philosophy Ultra Rich 3-in-1’s Have the Holidays Covered

Philosophy’s Bath and Body products include a fun little three-in-one wash for the hair, in the shower and in the tub. And while you are sudsing away with delicious scents like Coconut Frosting, and The Gingerbread Man, you can read the corresponding recipe on the bottle! Just like I love to celebrate every holiday, so … Read more

Real Simple Cleaning Guide Book

Real Simple Magazine

I have a brand new house to take care of and no time to do it. I tend to just give up when the task becomes overwhelming but now that I feel all grown up it is time to show a little respect towards my dwellings. I suppose there is a tendency to gain a sense of pride of ownership once you stop renting.

Anyway, what usually gives me a boost in my “Cleaning Moods” is when I read nifty little tips on cleaning. Generally I find that Real Simple along with the occasional Martha Stewart and a few other magazines have pretty informative articles on cleaning. I will read them and perhaps pick up a trick or two.

However, recently I bought the Real Simple Cleaning “Your Room-by-Room Guide to a Beautiful House” which is actually more like a bound book with a sturdy cover, beautiful pictures and 128 pages of GREAT tips on cleaning.

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Favorite Fall Accesories

As the warm summer days turn cool and the our golden tans begin to fade…fall begins. And to celebrate the start of fall colors…I want to talk about my favorite fall accessories. 1. Scarves: This year look for thin, extra long, multi-color scarves which are both trendy and a great way to add a little … Read more