3 Best Skin Toners

Murad Hydrating TonerBest Facial Toner for Dry Skin: Murad Hydrating Toner

Murad’s Hydrating Toner helps to combat hormonal aging and keeps the skin balanced and supple. Ingredients include chamomile and cucumber which help to keep skin feeling both soothed and rejuvenated.

Dermalogica Multi-Active TonerBest Facial Toner for Normal Skin or All Skin Types: Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner

Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner has won rave reviews from beauty critics and gained popularity with magazines like Elle and Instyle Magazine. This toner is great for all skin types and includes great toning ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, cucumber, and arnica.

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Proactiv Revitalizing TonerBest Facial Toner for Oily or Acne-prone Skin: Proactiv Revitalizing Toner

Proactiv Solutions 3 Step Program for acne treatment includes the very popular Proactiv Revitalizing Toner which was Instyle Magazine 2009 Best Beauty Buy for Oily Skin. This toner works to eliminate acne by preventing dead skin from your pores. Ingredients include witch hazel, which combats oiliness and aloe vera which soothes the skin and removes bacteria causing dirt.

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  1. I have the dermalogica night clearning gel and I noticed it seems to make me break out at first.Is this common?To break out at first then your pimples go away..or should I just stop using it?I heard the dermalogica stuff is really good so I want to keep giving it a try but not if its just going to make me break out.What should I do?


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