Best Beauty Products To Bring On Your Holiday Trip

Holiday OrnamentTis’ the season to be traveling! This time of year everyone is planning a trip or two like a vacation to the cabin or a trip to see the family.

This type of traveling can be a bit of a strain on your typical beauty regime. With limited packing space, tight airline restrictions, and sometimes shared bathroom use, it is no wonder it is such a hassle to pack.

Here are a few items that to help ease the pain of planning for these holiday excursions:

GoSmile Jet Set KitGoSMILE Jet Set Kit: Keep your teeth sparkling white for all those parties you attend with this plane friendly teeth whitening kit. The kit includes fluoride AM and PM toothpastes formulated with aromatheraputic essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, and citrus fruits. Plus a travel size toothbrush all in a TSA-approved clear pouch. I also suggest you bring along a GoSmile Touch Up Mini On-the-Go Smile Refresher, for teeth whitening touch ups on the go.

Bumble and bumble Hair PowderBumble and bumble Hair Powder: Nothing is worse then getting giving up the shower time to an obnoxious cousin with no respect for your hair routine. You can keep your hair looking great when you know you won’t be able to style your hair like usual by using Bumble and bumble’s hair powder. This is stuff is amazing! It absorbs oil on the scalp and keeps your hair style intact. And best of all, Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder comes in a variety of different shades which helps to hide roots! Pack it in your suitcase…just in case. And if your worried about frazzled ends bring along Bumble and Bumble Leave In Rinse Out Conditioner, which is a versatile conditioner for taming frizz or using as a lightweight conditioner.

Sephora Nail Polish Corrector PenBring a Pen: A great way to maintain your nails without bringing the manicurist on the plane with you is to grab a great travel friendly item like the Sephora Nail Polish Corrector Pen. This easy to use pen simply wipes away any nail polish mess you make. Another great pen is the Sephora Cuticle Care Pen, which nourishes the cuticles without the hassle of creams and oils. And if you happen to want a French manicure then why not try the Sephora French Tips & Toes Manicure Pen, which is applied to the whites of your nails. You can use the French manicure pen to create your own manicure by following with a clear gloss, but I think it works great as a quick fix to a professional French manicure.

Japonesque Touch Up TubeJaponesque Touch Up Tube: One way to ruin an expensive makeup brush is to smash it into a makeup bag. Instead of bringing along your usual brushes, find a travel set. This sleek little tube of brush miracles has all the brush power you need to keep yourself “brushed up” for the holidays. Touch up your make up with the concealer, lip, blush/powder, or eye shadow brushes. And if you’re feeling colorful you can find the Touch Up Tube in different colors like pink, green or snazzy black.

Benefit Pocket PalBenefit Pocket Pal: A great way to minimize space in your makeup bag and your purse is to bring along a two-in-one beauty tool like Benefit’s Pocket Pal. This handy little wand has a lip and cheek tint on one end and a clear lip gloss on the other. Multi-use makeup products are the way to go when you are traveling. Another great traveler is Nars The Multiple, which can be used as a bronzer, eye shadow, blush or highlighter.

Happy Travels!

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