Dermalogica Skin CareI have been a fan of Dermalogica skin care for over 10 years. I first started working with Dermalogica at a spa in the Napa Valley. Using their products on a daily basis gave me the opportunity to see what a great line they offered and still offer. This is a skin care line developed through research at The International Dermal Institute. I knew Dermalgoica was great because I saw results. What I didn’t know was how much knowledge went into ingredient development until I took a biological science course on the medicinal studies of plants. The plant substances studied by scientific researchers for medicinal purposes matched up with the ingredients that went into Dermalogica’s skin line. This was the first time I saw a skin care line using a scientific basis to build their product line unlike so many that claim patented skin technologies without regards to what is scientifically researched and studied.

I have to say that Dermalogica fits perfectly with its name; skin care that makes sense.

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