The Body Shop Perfume Oil

the-body-shop-perfume-oil.jpgHere is a great gift idea for the holidays, birthdays or even for you! Buy a scented oil and add it to any basic cosmetic item. For example, the Body Shop sells perfumed oils for $14 and then a “Scent-Me Body Lotion” for $12. This makes a fun, personalized gift for under $30!

I like the Body Shop because they have yummy scents that everyone will love like Fuzzy Peach, Vanilla, Coconut and my favorite…Strawberry. Then you can buy all sorts of “Scent-Me” items like shower gel, body scrub, and body cream. And finally, just mix and match!

the-body-shop-scent-me-body-lotion.jpgThe oil will add a wonderful scent to your bath products and leave your skin silky soft. And even nicer is that the Body Shop array of “Scent-me” items includes a lotion made with Babassu Oil from which helps empower women of Brazil. Read the story.

I simply love the idea of customizing your own skin products. Best of all you control how scented to make them. Have fun!

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