Vitamin E

Vitamin E capsulesVitamin E is derived from a variety of vegetable oils. It is widely known for its moisturizing and antioxidants properties.

You can find Vitamin E in all types of beauty products such as lip balms, body washes, and eye creams. It is an extremely popular ingredient because of its ability to reduce scars and help the skin healing process.

Vitamin E is thought to help reverse the damaging effects of sun and other environmental elements such as pollution. Adding Vitamin E into your beauty routine can help keep your skin moisturized and encourage its healing.

Here are a few items with the Vitamin E ingredient:

Nars Lipstick (keeping the lips velvety soft and rated best of Sephora 2006), Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough (a face serum contain Vitamin E and Vitamin C used to revitalize and firm skin), and Aveda Hand Relief (a rich hand cream packed with Vitamin A and E, and exfoliating fruit acids).

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