Real Simple Cleaning Guide Book

I have a brand new house to take care of and no time to do it. I tend to just give up when the task becomes overwhelming but now that I feel all grown up it is time to show a little respect towards my dwellings. I suppose there is a tendency to gain a sense of pride of ownership once you stop renting.

Anyway, what usually gives me a boost in my “Cleaning Moods” is when I read nifty little tips on cleaning. Generally I find that Real Simple along with the occasional Martha Stewart and a few other magazines have pretty informative articles on cleaning. I will read them and perhaps pick up a trick or two.

However, recently I bought the Real Simple Cleaning “Your Room-by-Room Guide to a Beautiful House” which is actually more like a bound book with a sturdy cover, beautiful pictures and 128 pages of GREAT tips on cleaning.

It is not just another magazine, it is actually a handy guide that you can hang on to for years to come. I grabbed it off a shelf at the grocery store and started flipping through it immediately.

The Real Simple Cleaning guide had so many great tips from putting together a cleaning kit with recommended products and tools, to simple steps for easy & deep cleaning for each room of the house, to a cleaning time table. It also gives good tips like what products not to mix and which products to use on every type of surface imaginable.

If you need a little help maintaining your space or if you just need a little kick in the pants then check out this cool guide. You can probably find it at your local grocery store or online at Amazon.

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  1. Hey I love your post and would love to see this book, but I am currently living out side of the USA and was wondering if you could scan it and send it to me?


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