Two Green Celebrity Beauty Lines

Two celebrities that are bringing you safe, non-toxic beauty products are Josie Maran and Stella McCartney. Josie Maran, former supermodel, has created a makeup line which embodies green beauty. She uses organic botanical ingredients like Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Aloe.  Natural ingredients along with eco-friendly packaging create the perfect line of beauty products. You can … Read more

6 Ways to Find the Best Products from Sephora

1. Sephora Favorites and Best of Sephora: If you do a search for Best of Sephora on Sephora’s website you can find Sephora’s Favorites which also includes beauty products that have won their Best of Sephora seal.  Throughout the years I have used Sephora Favorites to find great, quality beauty products that have actually become some … Read more

Bravadora Poll – Clinique verses Estee Lauder

Bravadora wants to know…which do you prefer?… ESTEE LAUDER OR     CLINQUE Take the poll below and find out which one ranks highest amoung Bravadora readers…please leave your comments as well [poll id=”2″] Read more about Bravadora’s Estee Lauder Verses Clinque challenge in Part One and Part Two…click here to begin!

6 Reasons to Love Cargo’s Plant Love

Cargo Cosmetics Plant Love collection has received Sephora’s Natural Ingredient Seal of Approval and here are some reasons why Bravadora has given Cargo Plant Love its seal of approval: 1. Made with natural ingredients: Cargo Plant Love cosmetics are made with natural and organic ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Evening Primrose Oil, and Grape Seed Oil. … Read more

Sephora Approves 1,400 Natural Products

Sephora now has a seal of approval for all products that have naturally derived formulas.  They have over 1,400 products for sale that meet this requirement. With so many products getting Sephora’s Natural Ingredient Seal of Approval, I was a bit suspicious of their requirements. Is this seal something that I will use to determine … Read more