Almay Pure Blends Brings Natural to Drugstores

If you are looking for a more natural cosmetic line at the drugstore then checkout Almay Pure Blends. Almay’s new natural line, Pure Blends, includes a lightweight foundation, loose powder, eyeshadow, blush, and lipgloss. The new line has over 95% natural ingredients, is hypoallergenic, and has eco-friendly packaging. Bravadora is hoping to see mascara, eyeliner, … Read more

Sephora Approves 1,400 Natural Products

Sephora now has a seal of approval for all products that have naturally derived formulas.  They have over 1,400 products for sale that meet this requirement. With so many products getting Sephora’s Natural Ingredient Seal of Approval, I was a bit suspicious of their requirements. Is this seal something that I will use to determine … Read more

Victoria’s Secret New Organic Beauty Line

Victoria’s Secret has released a new “Natural, Organic, and 100% Vegan Ingredients,” under their Pink Body line. Victoria’s Secret Pink Body Energizing line includes body wash, lotion, and sugar scrub which features energizing ingredients such as citrus, mint and coffee. Victoria’s Secret Pink Body Nourishing line includes body wash, lotion, and shave cream which features … Read more

Mac Cosmetics Hello Kitty Collection Accessories

Mac Cosmetics Hello Kitty Collection Accessories are all sold out! Earlier this month Mac Cosmetics released their Hello Kitty Collection featuring Wild, Mild and Hello Kitty accessories. The accessories available at Mac included the following: Hello Kitty Plush Doll: black pleather 8 inch doll pillow (which at the moment is the only accessory still available). … Read more