Revlon Nail Enamel

Revlon Nail Enamel is a classic line of polish that is readily available, inexpensive and chic. Revlon’s nail polish line includes classic colors such as Revlon Red, Cherries in the Snow, and Strawberry Electric. I love Vixen for a vamp look that works well in fall and winter. I feel so urban punk glam when I am wearing it and typing on my keyboard. Revlon always has a fun selection of colors and is great for chip resistance too.

2 thoughts on “Revlon Nail Enamel”

  1. Have you all ever sold a color called Stone….also one called Sand? These are colors that were out about 5+ years ago. I just can’t remember what brand. Were they Revlon and if so are they available?

  2. Hi Luanne,

    I don’t sell any nail polish. I just write about them. I am not familiar with all of the Revlon shades. I do know Revlon currently has a color called Sandstorm but I have not seen Stone or Sand. There has been a few shades over the years that I have liked and which Revlon no longer carries. My suggestion is to visit the Revlon website at and look at the colors they currently carry. You can also email Revlon with your question.

    I hope this helps!


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