5 GRAPE Purple Nail Shades

Sephora by OPI in What A Broad1. What A Broad by Sephora by OPI

This deep royal purple happens to by my favorite purple nail shade! It is rich and deep purple without being overly bright or too dark.

What A Broad is a perfect purple for all year round! Click here to read about Sephora by OPI’s most popular nail shades!

Essie in Perky Purple 2. Perky Purple by Essie

A fun almost pinky purple that brightens up anyone’s toes and their day!

Perky Purple is a GRAPE bright shade perfect for a summer day by the pool!

3. Passionate Fruit by Revlon

A shade that mimicks a similar shade to Essie’s Perky Purple, but is actually scented!

Revlon’s new scented nail enamel collection could either be a flop or a big hit…I am still not sure if scented nails is the new big thing, but it sure sounds fun to try!

OPI in A Grape Fit4. A Grape Fit by OPI

This new shade from OPI’s Summer Brights Collection brings bright fun colors for the nails and is paired with Paige Denim’s hot new collection of cropped pants and shorts.

A Grape Fit is a rich purply shade and is totally GRAPE!

Orly in Rio Nights5. Rio Nights by Orly

The darkest of the GRAPE BUNCH is Rio Nights by Orly. This nail shade comes from Orly’s Carnivale Collection which features the vibrant colors of Brazil’s most famous festival.

Rio Nights is a dark royal purple that keeps the party going!

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