David Babaii for WildAid Hair Products

David Babaii For WildAid Volcanic Ash Sculpting ClayHonestly, what more could you want from a hair product?? David Babaii, hairdresser to the stars, and Kate Hudson teamed up to create the PERFECT set of hair products and they did all the things I would have done if I started up my own line of beauty products. The products are made from exotic natural and renewable ingredients like Polyonesian White Ginger. They are definetly not tested on animals and free from nasty chemicals and sulfates. In fact, they are so passionate about animals that they donate 10% of all profits to WildAid, a global wildlife conservation organization. Oh, and did I mention the products work GREAT, smell amazing, and are sold at Target for a reasonable price. I mean honestly, does it get any better than this?

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