Estee Lauder Versus Clinique Part One

Time to take the challenge!

After spending some time at both the Estee Lauder and Clinique beauty counters, I decided to spend a few weeks using each recommended skin regime.

I started with the Estee Lauder, which recommended the following daily skin care routine:

Estee Lauder Perfectly CleanFor a face wash, I used the Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser. This was a nice scented, creamy wash that left my skin…perfectly clean. I really liked this face wash. It seemed to really clean my skin while still leaving in soft and supple. I would definetly use this again as it seemed to improve the texture of my skin.

Estee Lauder DayWear PlusFor daytime, they suggested the DayWear Plus Multiprotection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15 for Normal/Combination Skin. This was also a nice compliment to my skin. It left my skin refreshed without a greasy residue. I would definetly use this again, although I would prefer a scent-free version.

Estee Lauder Adanvced Night RepairFor the nighttime, I used the Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex. This serum-like formula stung my face upon first application, but after a few uses I got use to it. In the morning, after I washed my face, I noticed a change in my skin. My pores seemed smaller, my skin was softer and toned, and overall I my skin looked more radiant.


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