5 Steps to Becoming a Grecian Goddess

Greek Statue of AphroditeSo you want to be an Aphrodite or an Athena?

These 5 Steps will help turn you into the revered golden goddess you have always wanted to be!

Step 1: Glow for it

Get your skin glowing and bronzed like a golden goddess

Click to read How to Get a Natural Bronze

Step 2: Get Grecian hair

Use a beach spray product to get that windswept Grecian Island look like David Babaii for Wildaid Bohemian Beach Spray.

Flickr photo by dugspr — in Osaka

Thickly braid some of your wild hair along the crown of your head. Add flowers.

Forever 21 Knot Belted Pleat DressStep 3: Put on your linen toga and strappy sandals

Find a sexy toga-style Grecian gown to adorn your golden limps. And don’t forget the goddess accessories like strappy sandals and golden bangles.

Step 4: Create a goddess table of wine and food

Find a recipe that includes honey and cheese then pair it with a golden nectar (wine).  One example is to take goat cheese or cream cheese add some spice like jalapeno jelly, cover with toasted nuts, and drizzle with honey.

Keep your eating space simple and ancient. No need for silly cheese knifes. A cutting board and a barberic cutting tool will work just fine.

Don’t forget the fruit! Grapes and berries make for a luscious spread.

The Body Shop Sensual Massage OilStep 5: Annoint your lover with oil

Ancient greeks annointed themselves with rich oils like olive oil. You can recreate this ancient tradition using an formula with a aphrodisiac twist like The Body Shop’s Sensual Massage oil.  Made with Olive Oil and a blend of sweet smelling ingredients like Tahitian vanilla known for its aphrodiasiac qualities, this massage oil will definetly make you a Grecian Goddes of love.

Read about Olive Oil Extract and why the ancient greeks used it to highlight their physic.

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