How To Get A Natural Bronze

So you want to glow like a Grecian Godess without looking baked like a fried up tanning bed addict…

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Summer LotionHere are five ways to get a natural bronze:

1 – Use sunscreen…wait, what? sunscreen? Yes, sunscreen. When you are are outside under the sun, even if you have suncreen on, you will still get a tan. So don’t burn and don’t stay indoors. Use sunscreen and you will get a softer, more natural tan.

2 – Exfoliate. Don’t let dead tan skin hang around. Ug, I think that’s a terrible way to put it. But seriously, exfoliate in the shower to keep the blood flowing and the skin glowing. ┬áPlus the more you exfoliate, the better the tan.

Urban Decay Baked Bronzer for Face and Body3 – Use lotion with a glow factor. Try The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Everyday Summer Body Lotion which moisturizes with cocoa butter and Vitamin E as well as gradually building your tan.

4 – Dust yourself with gold. Try an all over face and body dust, like Urban Decay Baked Bronzer for Face and Body. ┬áBaked in old fashioned ovens in Italy, this special body bronzer will leave your skin a sheer golden that glows.

5 – Turn bad sun…good. Use an after sun product like Clarins SOS Sunburn Healer or After Sun Gel Ultra-Soothing to turn around the harsh effects of sun by soothing with healing ingredients such as aloe, shea butter, avacado, and orange.

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